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Niji Iro Togarashi Manga

Niji Iro Togarashi
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After the death of his mother, Shichimi sets out to join his half-brothers and -sister who live together in Karakuri Tenement, a place provided by the father they have never met.[2] He finds out that each of them had different mothers (all of whom have died), but were fathered by the same man. Not long after Shichimi's arrival, the siblings decide to journey to visit the graves of each of their mothers. On this journey, they encounter many dangers.

Other name: 虹色とうがらし, Ớt Bảy Màu, Natane, Niji Iro Togarashi, Niji Iro Tougarashi, Niji-Iro Tougarashi, Rainbow-Colored Chili Powder, Nijiiro Togarashi

Author: Adachi Mitsuru

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci fi, Shounen

Status: Completed

Rank TOP: 1091 (841 views)

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